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        Shanxi Maosheng Coal Chemistry Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, makes technical progress and innovation, sticks to the scientific development direction of sustainable development, works hard, realizes constant development and takes the lead during economic reform in the past more than 20 years. It has developed into a large coal chemical industry energy group integrating coal washing, coking, chemical engineering, thermal power, machinery manufacture, minerals, logistics... 【View detailed】

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        Mineral Product Company-According to the development strategy of “Extension of Upstream and Downstream Industry Chain”, Maosheng Group owns the coal cleaning plant and expands the upstream industry. Maosheng Group establishes the mineral development company and forms the industrial chain integrating coal mining, coal washing and coking. The business scope of the mineral development company ... 【View detailed】

        Coal Cleaning Plant-The coal cleaning plant affiliated to Maosheng Group is the manufacturer of washed coal for coking established in cooperation of the coking company. The coal preparation and washing technology adopts jigging, flotation and filter pressing. The plant owns two production lines, boasts high degree of automation, and annually yields 3 million tons of washed coal. The coal yard covers an area... 【View detailed 】

        Coking Company-As the core company affiliated to Maosheng Group, the coking company was founded in 1989 and owns a coking plant and a chemical plant. It is one of the first batch of enterprises that meet the Admittance Condition of Coking Industry issued by National Development and Reform Committee. Now the coking company annually yields 1.20 million tons of metallurgical coke, 65,700 tons of coal tar, 15,100 tons of crude benzol and 543 million m3 of coke oven gas,Main Production Equipment: There are four advanced JND43-99D large side-mounted tamping coke ovens that conform to the industry policy and reach the standard of environmental protection, production equipments for coal tar, crude benzol recovery, ammonia washing, ammonia distillation... 【View detailed】

        Thermal Power Plant-The thermal power plant is an important production unit and economic growth point for optimization of industrial structure and circular economy of Maosheng Group. The thermal power plant takes the remaining coal gas generated during coking in the coking company and coal, coal slime and coal gangue during coal washing process in the coal cleaning plant as fuel. The medium pressure steam generated in the circulating fluidized bed boiler and gas boiler drives 2*25MW extraction condensing turbine generator units. The thermal power plant annually generates 400 million kilowatt-hours and supplies 219,000 tons of heat. The thermal power plant supplies electric power for production and household of the group, and about 80% of electric power... 【View detailed】

        Chemical Industry Energy Company-During the period of “the Twelfth Five-year Plan”, the new chemical industry energy enterprise establishes the new modern coal chemical industry. The coking industry with an annual production capacity of 3 million tons is used as the development platform and the remaining coal gas and coke powder are used as raw materials to produce methanol and acetic acid products.The acetic acid project with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons and a total investment of RMB 2.9 billion under construction is Shanxi Province Key Project in 2009 (No.30 [2009]). According to the development strategy objective, Maosheng Group “focuses on development of modern coal chemical industry”, conforms to the national policy on industrial restructuring ... 【View detailed 】

        Machinery Plant-The machinery plant affiliated to Maosheng Group mainly takes charge of maintenance, installation and debugging of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and instruments, processing of spare parts, supply of water, electric power and gas, communication services and management. There are six work areas related to casting, machinery, electricity, water heating and communication and more than 30 main equipments including lathes, drilling machines, planing machines, grinding machines, dynamic balancers, boring machines, etc.Over the years, the machinery plant provides strong guarantee for safe production and operation by virtue of the “Strict, Careful, Pragmatic, New” work style, standard operation and excellent skills ... 【View detailed】

        Logistics Trade Company-The logistics trade company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maosheng Group. The business scope includes coke, transportation, storage, distribution and information processing. In the business philosophy of “Contract-honoring, Promise-keeping... 【View detailed】

        Materials Company-The materials company affiliated to Maosheng Group owns a registered capital of RMB 44 million. The business scope includes mechanical equipment, hardware, electric material, electronic products, building materials (except wood), chemical products (except inflammable... 【View detailed】

        R&D Center-Maosheng Group adheres to the concept of “Development by Technology”, and plans to set up the R&D center so as to realize the strategic requirements of “Transformation, Upgrading, Core Competitiveness”. The R&D building with an area of about 5,000m2 has been completed. Maosheng Group will carry out talent introduction plans and recruit talents with the introduction of new technology and implementation of new projects. Meanwhile, Maosheng Group has established strategic cooperation relationship with domestic colleges and research institutes and developed into the scientific research and development base integrating production, learning and research,The R&D center focuses on the new coking technology, deep processing of chemical products... 【View detailed】

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